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Why Sheesham wood and Furniture are important

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What Is Sheesham Wood Furniture?

Sheesham wood is a deciduous tree indigenous to the Indian Subcontinent and Southern Iran, sometimes known as the Indian Rosewood or Dalbergia sisso. It is also grown in the United States and Australia. After teak, Punjab’s most important cultivated timber tree is Sheesham wood. Punjab is the largest manufacturer of Sheesham wood in Pakistan and India.

Sheesham Wood is the most extensively used and known as one of the best hardwood for carving, musical instruments and furniture. Furthermore, as per the many Pakistani interior designers, Sheesham wood is among the most common form of hardwood used in the country for furniture and other woodwork.

Sheesham wood in appearance is golden brown or dark brown in colour. It also has sapwood streaks, which may be white or light brown. The Sheesham wood itself is very brittle. The Sheesham wood is first air-dried very carefully to make it stable and worth using, else it started to turn splits most times.

Sheesham wood is one of the best furniture woods, but not because of its quality, termite resistance, durability, and easy-care solutions. It is also because, compared to other solid wood or teak wood, it is light on the budget. Sheesham wood furniture is highly cost-efficient with no additional expenditures needed for maintenance.

To keep Sheesham wood furniture for a long time requires proper care. Typically Sheesham wood caring including several guidelines such as using Natural Beeswax for Premium Finish, Prevent direct sunshine and temperature variations, time to time polish the wood regularly, keep it away from changes in humidity, and regularly clean /wipe the dust-out.

Advantages of sheesham wood furniture

Sheesham wood trees After cut
Sheesham trees After the cut
  • Durability and long-lasting 

Sheesham wood is a durable and long-lasting solution for furniture that, without slipping or warping. The Sheesham wood has the natural resistance to all forms of decay and termites, which is why it is suitable to use like kitchen areas in the house’s humid spaces.

Because of its hardness and toughness texture, they make it the perfect wood solution for several matters. Moreover, This form of wood is never so quickly damaged or cracked, so it is appropriately used in the manufacture of kitchen cabinets.

  • Wrapping Up 

Sheesham wood is extremely versatile to work with, is flexible to all sorts of finishes, and is thus used as the go-to wood for furniture manufacturing. It makes everything made out of it a smooth output and luster. With its rich features, Sheesham Wood is undoubtedly the preferred choice for nearly all wood creations.

  • Cost-effective

Sheesham Wood is an inexpensive choice on the market compared to other hardwood options. In comparison, having similar properties itis cheaper than Teak Wood.

  • Convenient to care

Sheesham Wood Furniture does not require special treatment, either. With the use of good quality dry cotton fabric, it can be wiped. Apart from that, the best part of having wooden furniture at home is that you can make it as right as new by waxing it again or polishing it with a various new shade.

  • Good for wood Carving 

The medium-coarse texture appearance of Sheesham wood is why it is commonly used in the manufacture of carved pieces or furniture products. The wood also has extreme tensile strength and an excellent wood grain design.

  • Wide range of shades

Sheesham Wood has a large number of varieties, and various shades of natural wood come along for each array.

Some people also interest in natural shades and non-polished furniture. Sheesham Wood offers a wide variety of shades for all those “raw” nature lovers – ranging from simple withered look to dry redwood hue. And what to tell about the composition of the grains.

When it comes into contact with a particular lighting state, the grain structure shifts to various shades, and it can also be hand-waxed to improve the luster and shine.  Moreover, anyone can easily apply a coating of the preferred polish as per their requirements.

Disadvantages of sheesham wood furniture

A board of Sheesham wood
A board of Sheesham wood
  • Hard and difficult to move.

Sheesham Wood’s disadvantages include the heavyweight. Sheesham wood, which is another common choice for furniture and home. The Sheesham wood is lighter than teak but much heavy than mango wood. Its heaviness can cause Sheesham furniture hard and difficult to move.

  • Toxicity

The harmful dust that causes breathing problems and skin allergies in some humans is released during the sanding process of the Sheesham wood.


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