Tricks for avoiding termite attack at home and termite prevention 2021

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Let’s talk about termite prevention. Termites especially attack woody areas, especially for wood floors and furniture. They are looking for an organic compound called cellulose. This cellulose is found in many of the materials we use every day—plants, cotton, paper, wood, magazines, etc.

The previous article discussed How to identify whether termites are at home or in the office. Please read it and come back8 Ways to identify Termites

                                         They can eat moist wood and decaying trees. Rarely do buildings become infected

  • Among these termites, subterranean termites are common in the United States, prefer underground conditions. They do not like hardwood and prefer pine wood.
  • Drywood termites infest dry wood such as wood floors, furniture.
  • Dampwood termites prefer decaying logs, shoots, piles of wood, and wood.

                                      They play an important role as decomposers of wood and plant matter.

How to control the termite attack

Let us consider 2 main types for termite prevention

1. By injecting chemical liquids into the soil and spraying them on the surface of the soil.

Chemical injection, termite prevention
Chemical injection

( this method is used for newly constructed buildings)

                                  This method can also be used for completed buildings. There are separate agencies for this anti-termite treatment. You can find out the cost by discussing it with that company. The cost per square foot varies by institution.

2. Termite Baiting

termite baits
termite baits

This method is most often used after a home termite sign has appeared. In the event of such a situation, the first thing to do is to inform the termite prevention institution. They will then come and do an inspection and inform you of the best way to do this.

This termite baiting is a trap. A cartridge with a chemical type is attached around the termite infestation.  Here the termites come to this cartridge and eat the chemical in it. Here the termites do not die. After feeding, the mites return to their colony. What happens is that when they go to their colony with poison, the queen there dies from this poison (to learn about the termites’ society e.g., king & queen, termite workers, soldier termites and swarmer termite-A brief description of Termites). For this reason, this method is especially used for long-term control of termites.

termite baiting Cartridge
Termite baiting Cartridge
  • The advantage here is the ability to control termites without damaging the house.
  • But only a few species of termites can use this method. Therefore it is important first to identify the type of termites and use this method.
  • Both of the above methods can only be used indoors.

It is impossible to use the above chemicals after termites damage the grass in the garden. But it is possible to buy pesticides on the market that can be applied to termites before touching the grass. (Can be purchased at pesticide stores).

                                                        If you have already caught grass, there are pesticides on the market that can be used for that. The most effective method is to apply insecticides before touching the stems.

Tricks for avoiding termite attack and termite prevention
  • Remove wood in contact with the ground.
  • Do not allow moisture to accumulate near the foundation.
  • Never store wood or wood debris against the foundation or in crawling areas.
  • Use mulch sparingly.
  • Read more, be sure to must-read on for more details and tricks

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