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DIY How to remove stain from wood & Wood stains types

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Wood floors & wood furniture are the main features/elements of the home. But these cause easy staining. (Because of different reasons). These stains are in several types, and there are several causes of wood stain. In this article, “How to remove stain from wood,” “Wood stain removal tools”, “wood stain how to,” and “Tips for wood stain remove” are discussed.

                        There are several types of wood stains.

  • Water stains (water rings)
  • Oil stains
  • Dark Stains
  • Heat Stains
  • Etc.

This wood stain has two meaning, real stains, and wood stains coating. This wood stains coating is used to enhance the natural color of the wood.

Shortcuts (How to remove wood stain)

how to remove water stains from wood
  • Apply a small amount of non-gel toothpaste and a piece of cloth and apply it to the stain. Then wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Mix baking soda with water to make a paste and rub it on the stain (rub as round motion) until the stain disappears. Then wipe off this baking soda at the end.
To remove heat stain from wood.
  • Regular lacquer is also used for this.
  • Mix nongel toothpaste and baking soda to make a paste and take it to a piece of cloth and rub it on the stain until heated. Then wipe with a damp cloth and dry. Maybe even do it several times until the stain is gone. After that, polish it.
How to remove oil stain
  • Mix the mild detergent solution in a bowl and apply only to the stain. Then scrub the stain using a brush as vigorously. After that, dry the wood well with a soft cloth.
To remove the dark stain.
  • The dark stain can be found in wood floors and wood furniture. Perhaps it can also be a deep-seated water stain. These stains are a bit difficult to remove. The best solution for that, paint it because it’s cheap
  • try the above method of remove oil stain as well for this

Woods stains coatings

  • Oil-based stains (Oil dyes)
  • Water-based stains
  • Alcohol-based stains
  • Gel stains
  • Lacquer wood stain
  • Water-soluble dye stain
  • Metalized Dye stain
  • Pigment stains
  • Wax stains
  • Varnish wood stain

Tools for Remove the Wood stains

steel-wool pad
A steel-wool pad


  • Set up the Work Area

Choose a well-ventilated area; it should also be a well-spaced place.

  • Arrange the necessary equipment and materials.

In addition to equipment, wear appropriate long-sleeved clothing and safety clothing such as matching shoes. (Safety glasses, gloves, etc.)

*Follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using a chemical stripper

  • Pour the stripper into a small bowl.

Pour so that it does not spill on to the cloth or on the floor. (Both chemical strippers and Citrus strippers are suitable for this.)

  • Apply a thick layer of stripper

Do this with a Paintbrush.  Stir evenly until it covers the entire surface.

  • Scrape the stain

Until the stripper goes out of the wood, use a plastic scraper for this. Rub in the form of a straight line continue until all the stain stripper scratches the wood surface.

  • Wipe the surface

Dip a steel wool pad in the stripper and wipe the surface. Once you are satisfied that all the protective coating has been removed, wipe the wood surface with a cloth and allow the wood piece to dry for 24 hours. (Steel wool pad is used to remove hard spots and waste)

  • Sand your Surface

Wipe with medium-sized sandpaper. Continue sand until all particles of Varnish and stains are removed. Doing so will remove the stains.

Tips and Safety

*When removing wood stains with a chemical stripper, use protective gloves, long sleeve clothes, and safety goggles.

*When removing stains of wood flooring or large furniture, work in small areas

*Finally clean the work are

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