Lion characteristics [A brief account on Lion]

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Have you wondered why they call the lion the king? Why is it even called that way? The lions are large and known as Panthera Leo and they are second largest, followed by the tiger. Lion, known as the king of beasts or king of the jungle is quite active and they are known to live in a variety of habitats. They call their home anything but they stay where there is grassland, savanna, and dense scrub or open woodland. You can find them in places such as Europe, Asia, and Africa and they are mainly found in the Sahara parts of Africa.

You also have about 600 Asiatic lions that are in the slightly smaller setups that live under the very strict protection of India’s Gir National Park. You can also get them to spot a wildlife sanctuary. The lion is known as the king of the jungle has sheer raw power and strength. They do not fear any other animal and that is how an animal gets the name the king of the jungle. Also, the lion is an endangered species.

What is the average lion’s lifespan?

Well, the lion’s lifespan is almost is 16 years in the wild. when compared to those in the wild as they are safe from natural calamities and predators. For the animals living in the wild, it depends on their ability to find food and survive against predators. Generally, on average, lionesses tend to live longer than lions. Since there are no natural predators of lion lifespan, they tend to have a longer lifespan. Having said this, lions living in the wild may live about 10-16 years, whereas lions held captives might live up to 20 years.

However, in some cases, they might live up to 25-26 years as per their captivity, all thanks to their food requirements being fulfilled. Many factors make their lifespan shorter in the wild like being involved in conflicts of their pride and territory to become the king. In such cases, very few of them find a new territory and gain power while a large number of them do not survive. As the leading male lions begin to weaken, he is overthrown and exiled by the young and powerful male lions to take the position. In these cases, the old lions die of hunger than of old age.

Why do lions roar? [lion characteristics]

The basic reason why a lion roar is basically to communicate with other lions and also tell them where they are and what is their location. A lion’s roar can also mean that it is trying to communicate with the other lions and to tell them about their location. They are also trying to warn the lion or the whole pride to stay off form their territory after it has been marked. You can also decipher how big a lion is by the way it roars.

What is the lions family all about?

In pride, you have lions and lioness and the pride can be as small as 3 or a big one of 40 animals. In pride, the lions usually hunt the prey and raise their cubs. The lion baby is known as a cub. Then, they rest in a lion den and then also guard their lionesses in the pride. The lionesses do most of the hunting and cub rearing. Also, all the lionesses that are there in the pride are realized. They can be mothers, grandmothers, and also sisters. The females of the pride give birth to the lion baby at the same time and their cubs are nursed from other females and also its mother. Every pride has only two male adult lion animals.

While the lion and lionesses live with their pride for life, the males are there in the pride for only two or three years. After they are four, they are on their own and they may also be evicted by the other males who take over the pride. While the main job of a lion animal is to makes sure that the pride

The territory is marked and one male’s loud roar means that it can carry for as far as eight kilometers. This roar means that no intruders are allowed and they help to round up any stray member of the pride. Also, when you find a male lion taking over the pride, it will kill all the existing cubs so that there are cubs of the male’s blood only.

How does the lions hunting take place? [lion characteristics]

Well, there is a method as to how a lion attack takes place. Lion hunting is one in the dark and the lionesses do it. They often hunt in groups of two or three and then use teamwork to surround prey or kill it.

Lionesses are not the most successful of the hunters because they get only one prey out of several other tries. Also, the lions and lionesses defend their pride fiercely because they dot want any new lion to come to their pride. They prefer the prey to be geographically placed between their forests but then the lions are known to take elephants and giraffes, as they are prey. Lion attacks them only if they are young and sick.


The way a lion eats, its size, their strength, and their predatory skills are superb. Lion animal is considered as big cats and they fall in the same grouping as tigers, leopards, jaguars, cougars, cheetahs, etc do. When it comes to what lion eats, they can eat any meat they can find and they eat the carrion and the fresh skills that they scavenge or they may steal from hyenas, cheetahs or the wild dogs.

Some lionesses live in the open savanna and they do most of the hunting and there are males too who are adept hunters. They too hunt in some areas quite frequently. Mostly, lions attack only elephants and giraffes when they are young or sick.

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