Best List of Mid century modern living room furniture & Explanation

What is the mid-century?

In this, I’m going to show you about modern mid century living room furniture design, living room coffee table design, and modern living room decor. Before starting our main topic, first, you have to know the meaning of the modern mid-century. The mid century is termed as the structure and design of architecture and furniture used roughly from the 1930s to 1960s. In short, it is also called as the mid-twentieth-century design. The combination of elements used in the modern mid century modern living room furniture includes natural woods, gutsy colors, and Sharpe furniture legs.

Modern mid-century design

This design roughly starts from 1945 to 1975. The modern mid century design includes interior design, graphic design, architecture design, urban-style development, and product design. In this era, people used the materials to furnish their living rooms, such as low-profile pieces, statement wallpapers, leather furniture, and add glams. It also used natural wood, specific colors, furniture with a mixture of wood and metal, tapered leged furniture, abstract art, and arc lamps.

when people are making rapid progress. That’s why this era of the 20th century is called modern mid-century.

Modern mid century living room furniture

Mid-century furniture design was developed in the early 20th century but was altered and customized after world war II. The mid century furniture design was a simple design known as Danish design. That was become very popular around the world after the 1960s and is still available today.

The person who developed the style and design of midcentury furniture is Alavar Aalto, also known as Scandinavian modern. Nowadays, heavy craved and dark furniture is prevalent, but Alavar created couches and chairs with simple and lighter weight. These types of furniture have become very popular in modern midcentury.

Modern mid-century living room coffee table design

A Coffee Table Design
A Coffee Table Design

Wood is the most common and basic material used to make furniture (coffee table) in the mid-century. In that era, most of the furniture is made of wood. There is a wide variety of trees that are used for the modification of wood into enhancement inside the house. Vast pieces of wood turn into the attractive transformation of small parts. Strong, sturdy, robust, forceful, and durable woods are used. These woods include oaks, pine, birch, timberline, and bamboo are the standard choice for coffee tables.

In the mid-century, a coffee table is an excellent starter for fascinating any modern living room. Coffee tables can seem to be dull due to its simple color and structure. the coffee table design is looking very dull due to its wooden tone. But nowadays, you can change it according to the theme of your living room.

Modern mid century bedroom style

Mid century modern bedroom
A Modern Bedroom Design

Modern bedroom design is not only the trend of modern midcentury but also still popular today. The modern bedroom style became popular during the 1940s. They were coherent by organic forms, clean lines, primary colors, great functionality, and bold.

In mid-century bedroom style, the most frequently used designs are tapered legs, material mixing, and a pair of primary colors. Natural wood tone, various patterns, natural textures, and retro shape bedroom styles were also prevalent. The tapered legs are very beneficial for all bedroom sets and can easily fit in small areas. This is because the narrow legs allow you to move freely and vacuum easily around the bedroom. Mix materials used in the include tubular steel and molded plywood that keeps the furniture strong and long-lasting. Primary colors are the prominent features used in modern mid-century bedroom ideas. The natural wood tone is also a definite hallmark of bedroom design. The peoples of that era believe in the natural beauty of the materials. Patterns are also central to modern bedroom style with abstract, geometric, and organic patterns.

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Modern mid-century living room décor

Modern mid century living room decoration
Modern living room decoration renderings

No doubt, people’s lifestyles, and preferences are developing as time began. Also, architecture and interior design are improving, and its existence makes it dynamic. Nowadays, peoples are using modern decor in their living rooms and houses. Because they want a simple, straight line and natural design for their house. The terminologies of modern decor design are described in a book titled Midcentury modern: furniture of the 1950s by Cara Greenberg in 1983.

In the modern mid-century, peoples used wide glass and open rooms to highlight the housing style. The best thing in housing style is to allow the fresh outdoor air to get inside the house. Through this, people get fresh air, and the house becomes ventilated.

Characteristics of mid century modern living room furniture

The essential characteristics that modern living room have:

  • Clean craftsmanship
  • Combination of natural and human-made materials
  • Ideal to the core
  • Colors
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • Lines
  • Patterns

Suppose you are crazy about to make your living room as like an as mid century living room. Then I have assembled a list of essential pieces here:

  • Egg chair
  • Platner chair
  • Tulip coffee table
  • Natural wood tone stool
  • Spindle clock
  • Daybed
  • Cloud freeform sofa
  • Noguchi coffee table
  • Side tables
  • Lounge chair
  • Retro side chair

Final Thoughts

If you want to be your living room as a mid-century living room. And you think it is a complicated task, and then you are thinking wrong. You have to focus on decorating in earthy, natural tones and go through the terminologies of design that the peoples used in their architecture.

You mix the materials like fiberglass, metal, fabrics, woods, and textures. One thing that you keep in mind that you are comfortable in your living room. Because you will be spending a lot of time in your living room.

Keep it in your mind, and the modern mid-century is all about structure, texture, and functionality. Use only primary colors, so hanging fewer textures on the wall and keep it minimal. It also saves you money and time.

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