Why Use or Choose Mango Wood Furniture?

Mango Wood furniture is one of the strongest and durable woods on which you can have an attractive design. Its wood has dense grains and excellent strength. That will reduce the cost and carbon footprint of each piece created. It is easy to work on mango wood because it is soft. It is easy to cut and reshape mango wood as per the desire of woodworkers. The production of Mango Wood is faster as compared to others because the tree of Mango grows fast. It takes less time to produce timber, and then wood can be used for furniture manufacturing and other carpentry works.

Features of Mango Wood:

Grain & Texture:

The grain and texture in the natural form are mostly found in Curly or Straight and interlocked.


It is a dense and durable wood and ranked at 1070 in the Janka Hardness scale.


The color of Heartwood or the core of the mango tree is golden brown. Sometimes it can be pink with or without black streaks.

Uses or Applications of Mango Wood in Manufacturing of Furniture:

Finished mango wood dining table
Finished mango wood dining table
  • Mango Wood is used variously in the manufacturing of different type of furniture which is given as under:
  • Mango wood resists water and moisture, So it is good to manufacture garden frames.
  • It is used in making Beds, Dining Tables, Wall Cabinets, Kitchen cabinets, Display Units, etc., because of its stiff, durable, and lighter weight.
  • Mango Wood is useful for making doors and windows frames because of its strength and color or patterns.
  • Mango wood is used to manufacture Kitchen accessories like Chopping board, Serving trays, Bowls, etc. because it is hard and dense grains.
  • The Mango wood is also used for the manufacturing of Musical instruments like Drums, Ukuleles, and guitars because it is soft hardwood and can easily be reshaped.
  • Mango wood slivers are used as a veneer for furniture components.
  • Mango wood is used for flooring purposes, but it is not long-lasting in the case of flooring material.

Pros / Advantages and Cons / Disadvantages of Mango Wood:

Pros or Advantages:

  • The Mango Wood furniture is water-resistant; therefore, it is the best choice for outdoor furniture products.
  • Mango wood is soft hardwood, so it can easily be reshaped or carved according to need because of its mild nature.
  • Mango wood is readily available in the market at an affordable price.

Cons or Disadvantages:

  • Sometimes mango wood can be affected with fungus.
  • It is easy for insects to attack mango wood.
  • Mango wood requires much maintenance, and in the dry weather, it is necessary to be exposed in front of a heat source or sun.

Suitability of Mango Wood Furniture:

Cross section of a mango wood
Cross section of a mango wood

Mango wood furniture is suitable for home furniture and office school desks etc. Due to its density and strength of mango wood, it is appropriate to have furniture. Mango Wood is perfectly suitable just because of its low labor cost. The furniture made up of Mango wood is one of the softer hardwoods, So it is easy to cut and reshape it. It is a suitable wood for making furniture. Mango Wood Furnitures are getting popular day by day just due to the suitability of Mango wood. Due to relevance for the making of furniture, mango wood is known as furniture wood.

Suitability of Mango Wood furniture as compared to others is given as under:

  • Mango Wood Furniture is suitable compared to Black Walnut Furniture due to the smell that creates a problem for you.
  • It easy to handle and maintain as compared to Maple Wood due to high labor costs.
  • Mango Wood furniture is better than the White Pine wood furniture because it is too soft.
  • It is better than Mahogany wood furniture because it creates too much dust during maintenance.

Compatibility of Mango Wood Furniture:

A mango tree with fruits
A mango tree with fruits

Compatibility With Rubber Wood Furniture:

While looking at Mango wood furniture’s compatibility, there is a similarity between grains of Rubberwood made furniture. It is more durable as compared to rubberwood furniture.

Rubber wood furniture disadvantages

Compatibility With Oak Wood Furniture:

In the same way, talking about the compatibility of the hardness of furniture, the hardness of North American Oak is similar to that of Mango Wood’s. But Mango wood furniture is high-quality as compared to Oakwood furniture.

Compatibility with Pine & Cherry Wood Furniture:

The compatibility of the hardness of furniture made up of mango wood and Pine Wood, and cherry wood. Cherry wood furniture is a very costly hardwood when we compare it to America’s mango wood products.

Compatibility with Teak Wood Furniture:

Considering the compatibility of wood, the Teak wood is more reliable than mango wood; it is also more durable and long-lasting. Teak wood furniture resists moisture as well. Teak wood is mostly useful for the making of ships.

Compatibility with Mahogany Wood Furniture:

Another Wood type taken from the Mahogany tree is also more reliable than mango woods. The finishing of both Mango and Mahogany wood furniture is excellent. Mahogany furniture is also durable in interior and exterior environments.

Compatibility with Sheesham Wood Furniture:

The furniture made up of Sheesham is better in hardness as compared to that of Mango’s woods. It is long-lasting and durable as compared to mango wood’s products. The furniture made up of Sheesham is more resistant to moisture.

It has a long life and is very affordable. Mostly the color of mango wood is found golden brown; similarly, the color of furniture made from this wood can Yellow tint or feature black or the same as golden brown. The demand for Mango Wood products is very high.

Pros and Cons of sheesham wood furniture

Dakota Mango Wood Furniture:

The Dakota mango wood furniture is one of the most popular ranges of Mango wood Products. It is available in Dark Stain color additionally with lighter finishing. It is a time taking design with contemporary lines with a chunky, clean, uninterrupted look. In the Dakota woods, the square wooden handles while completing the look, can be changed to other materials like oak or metallic according to requirements of decoration.

Some of these are Dakota Sideboards, Dakota Bookcases, Dakota Coffee Tables, Dakota Side Table, and many more Dakota products.

Sustainability of Mango Wood Furniture:

The Mango wood is the byproduct of Mango Fruit. When a tree stops bearing fruits, It is cut into parts for timber. The small and curved branches are useful for burning purposes. It can be used for any another purpose as well.

The mango tree’s main steam is used for woodworking like the manufacturing of different types of furniture, etc. The mango wood is useful for the construction of home accents like beds, tables, etc. Mango wood’s color is natural, which can be any of the grey, brown, or black.

The farmer sells mango wood, which is beneficial for them and generates profit for them. The selling of mango wood provides sustainability to farmers by providing extra income. Nowadays, mango wood demand is very high for making doors and large wooden pieces. The increase in demand is also increased in furniture manufacturing industries due to its sustainability.

How Durable is Mango Wood & Its Furniture?

After cutting the mango trees
After cutting the mango trees

The Mango wood is natural to work on, and it is an excellent choice for carpentry work and manufacturing of appliances because it is easy to shape and plane. Due to the soft nature of this hardwood, it is durable.

For the long-lasting and durability of Mango wood furniture, it is a suggestion to keep it dry and away from resources of heat for a long time. These products’ strength is the same as the durability of other wood types of furniture like Ash and Oakwood.

How to Maintain Mango Wood Furniture?

As discussed, mango wood furniture is long-lasting, durable, and water-resistant in most countries worldwide. So for maintaining the Mango wood appliances in good condition, therefore, There are a few suggestions to follow the below instructions:

If you are a resident of southwest dryer areas, keep your furniture moisturized and polish it regularly.

It is advised for the residents of northeast cold areas to keep your furniture polished and moisturized regularly.

If you belong to other parts of the world, you’re not doing the polishing regularly because the beauty of wooden furniture grows as time passes.

Why Use Mango Wood for Furniture?

Mango wood can be the first choice for manufacturers of appliances and carpenters. The Mango’s wooden appliances are one of the most sustainable raw materials for the manufacturing of furniture. The popularity of these appliances is increasing day by day, so according to customers’ demand, most of the manufacturers are using these woods as raw material.

Mango wood is useful for manufacturing appliances because of its high water resistance up to a great extent. For increasing the durability of furniture, you only need to polish it.

As discussed above, mango wood is soft, so it is easy to shape as per your need, and mainly it can be used for decoration purposes and different stylish parts of the wood appliances. It is easy to carve and reshape the mango wood for unique designs.

It is readily available and is sustainable. Similarly, mango wood appliances are available at affordable rates compared to others like Sheesham, etc.

Why Use or Choose Mango Wood Furniture?

  • If you’re looking for the uniqueness in your appliances, you should select Mango wood Furniture.
  • The textures and patterns on the mango wood give a delightful look on your appliances.
  • Because of the dense grains of mango wood, It can easily be polished.
  • Mango wood has stains and waxes due to which you will find the natural color of wood with patterns highlighted on the appliances.
  • Whenever you want a trendy look, this furniture is best to choose.
  • If someone is looking for Colonial furniture, you must choose it.
  • When someone is looking for a light and durable appliances, you should buy Mango wood appliances.
  • Whenever you want to put a heavy load on any wooden appliances, you must have the mango wood appliances to bear heavy loads.
  • If you need furniture which requires large widths like doors, tabletops, etc., you should select mango food furniture.
  • Whenever you need durable furniture with attractive design at an affordable price, you should select it.
  • When you are willing to have a vintage look to your appliances, you must choose the mango wood furniture.
  • If you are willing to have long-lasting appliances, mango wood appliances should be your first choice.
  • Whenever you want the strength of your appliances more than Ash Wood and Oakwood’s power, you should select mango wood formed appliances.
  • If you need outdoor or garden furniture’s mango wood products are the best to choose because of the high water-resistant.

Mango Wood Furniture Popular Products:

Chairs & Stools

Dining Chairs, Cafe Chairs, Baby Chairs, Baby Chairs, Desk Chairs, Barstools, and others.


Dining Tables, Side Tables, Bedside Tables, Community Tables, Nesting Tables, and others.


Cabinets, Cupboards, Sideboards, Racks, Shelves, Display Units, Wine Cabinets, and others.

Other Mango Wood Furniture

Beds, Shelves, Racks, Doors, Window Frames, Reception Counters, and many others.


As discussed, Mango Wood Furniture is the most popular, and its demand is growing day by day. It is because of the natural color and beautiful patterns on the Mango wood. So we can say that if you want to have a High-Quality Wooden, your priority must be Mango Wood Appliances. Due to the durability and sustainability, you may include it in high-quality furniture wood. Most importantly, it has the capability of bearing heaving loads and can resist the water as well. You can have designed according to your choice easily on it, which is one the need of the modern era. It is useful for the decoration of furniture as well.

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