Why Rubberwood and Furniture are important

What is  Rubber furniture?

We’ll talk about the rubber wood furniture disadvantages in this Article particular.

Rubberwood has minimal shrinkage allowing it one of the most durable building materials.  Rubberwood is a light-colored tropical hardwood of medium density derived from the Pará rubber crop, typically from trees grown on rubber plantations. Rubberwood is widely marketed as an “environmentally friendly” wood since it uses planting trees, which have already served a useful purpose.

These trees are native to Brazil and often grow throughout Asia on plantations with plenty of demand. After around nine years, the trees mature. They are also known as rubber trees, para wood, hardwood in Asia, hardwood plantation, or brasiliensis in Hevea. 

Rubber wood comes in varying degrees of quality, like with all hardwoods. The Rubber tree wood popularly used in furniture originates from the latex-producing tree. It is convenient to work, and generally takes on stains. Apart from the furniture, Rubberwood is used for some household equipment, toys, some  Kitchen equipment, etc.

What are the Advantages of Rubber tree wood Furniture?

rubberwood furniture
rubberwood furniture
  • Durable

 Furniture made from hardwood appears to be strong, durable, and long-lasting. Rubber tree wood is genuine hardwood, belonging to the family of maples. Rubber wood is one of the longest-lasting woods used to make furniture. It is flexible and strong resistant to mould, bacteria, and fungus. You can mix Rubber wood perfectly with other types, for example, industrial furniture.

  • Long  lifetime

Rubber wood has another benefit in its durability that implies it can be used for a long time. If you carefully take care of rubber tree wood furniture, they can last for at least 20 years, if not more. Therefore if you used properly, Rubber wood furniture is a sustainable product with a long-lasting lifetime.

  • Less expensive

 It’s also a cost-effective choice, ensuring the finished pieces of furniture appear more affordable than other hardwood alternatives. Therefore Rubber wood furniture is available at a lower price, which is the best choice for customers with the budget.

  • Dense Grain

The Rubber wood’s most significant advantage is that it has a dense grain easily managed during the kiln drying process. Rubberwood has minimal shrinkage, which makes it one of the more stable building materials for furniture.

  • Warping

Unlike other material types, it is not prone to shrinkage or warping.

  • Non-toxic

Besides the standard health risks linked with any wood dust, Rubber tree wood has not been identified with any further health problems in general (except the people who have allergic to rubber wood).

rubber wood furniture disadvantages

finished rubberwood
finished rubberwood
  • The difference in the Texture (rubber wood furniture disadvantages-1)

One of the rubber wood’s drawbacks is its Texture variation that implies that it doesn’t have the specific wood grain like some other woods.

  • Issues in warp and twist (rubber wood furniture disadvantages-2)

Rubber wood’s ability to warp and twist when it’s drying is one disadvantage. This can create some distortion in the wood until it dries away entirely. But once sawn, it appears to be stable and give comparable durability to other hardwood materials.

  • Rough wood with poor and Loose (rubber wood furniture disadvantages-3)

Another disadvantage of rubber wood would be that, unlike other slippery wood, it is loose, rough, and low.

  • Some health matters regarding allergic (rubber wood furniture disadvantages-4)

The other limitation is that allergic people can experience a harmful reaction during work with rubberwood. This is the most important disadvantage of rubber wood

*We found 4 rubber wood furniture disadvantages.

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