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Common questions and things to consider about Solid Wooden Flooring [2020]

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Many people have common questions about wood flooring.

  • Is wood flooring suitable?
  • Not Decaying?
  • How much does it cost to install?
  • How long does it take to install?

There are several such questions. There are 3 significant types of wooden flooring.

  1. Solid wooden flooring
  2. Engineered wood flooring
  3. Laminate wood flooring

We will talk about how the above problems affect this Solid wooden flooring and the solutions to it.

What is Solid Wood?

The solid wood is, for planks, made from shredding the large trees and prepared without mixing any other ingredients. These solid wood provide a powerful look, solid wood flooring than any other ground-based applications or material. Fixing this solid wood floor can add value as well as rich looks to your home or office.

What types of woods can be used for Solid wooden flooring

Several types of wood can be used for this Solid wooden flooring.

Teak, Hickory, Oak, Maple, Cumaru, Cherry, imported woods, etc.


At current prices, it’s difficult to say precisely what the cost per square foot will be. This is a factor that frequently changes over time. The price also varies depending on the types of wood used and the company that uses wood flooring.

                                          You can go to the leading wood flooring companies and get a lot of information from them, such as prices, technical information, and durability.

Pros and cons of solid wood flooring to your home or office


  • Long term investment

This is a significant advantage. The reason is that the durability here is very high, and no need to replace other materials in 10-20 years.

  • You can choose from a variety of Shapes and Colors.

If you have an idea to decorate your home or office with wood designs.

  • When discoloration or scratching occurs over time, these planks do not need to be replaced; that is, the planks can be cut and polished and restored without removing them.

(Usually, when you need to get a cut and polish every 2 or 3 years, you can get it from that solid hardwood flooring company.)

  • This solid wooden flooring is effortless to maintain.

It can be cleaned with a mop and vacuum. ( When mopping, mop with a dry fabric without using water. Because water or moisture can damage the planks)

  • Small animals, fleas, mites, or their seeds do not feed on this wooden floor.

That is, nothing happens that causes or causes allergies. Therefore it is more impressive than other flooring types. (Especially suitable for small children)

  • Doctors recommend this solid wooden floor for people suffering from various allergies.
  • Resistance to Vibrations

Vibration caused by construction work near the home or office can make you feel very low on a wooden floor.

  • If you love music, you can freely enjoy the sound of specific instruments without echoing it.


  • The main problem is the damage caused by Termites.

The main reason for this is moisture. This humid environment makes them habitats. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the wooden floor dry at all times.

  • Moisture can cause wood to swell.

If it is a small swelling, it can be sanded and polished then restored to its previous level. Otherwise, if there is massive swelling, the plank and all the other planks around it should be removed, and resize and reinstalled, and then cut and polished.

  • Coatings used for wood flooring are expensive.

Uses a safer and higher quality coating than those used for water-based doors and windows.

  • Not suitable for use in crowded places and places with high usage.

Due to the quick scratching nature of these solid hardwood floors and the high cost of repairing them.

Things to consider about Solid wooden flooring

Clean a solid wooden flooring by man
Cleaning solid wood floor
  • When using a water tap in your home or office adjacent to this solid hardwood floor, you should protect this wooden floor from water leaks. (Definitely)
  • Do not stack old books, cardboards, papers on your solid wooden floor because things like that can cause termites breeding.
  • A table, chair, cupboard, or old piece of furniture that has already begun to decay should be removed from the solid wooden floor because that invasion could be on this wooden floor.
  • Another thing to be especially aware of is, just as water isn’t used in mopping, Liquid used for tile flooring should also not be used. Because they can damage the wood floor polish
  • If the home or office is located in a cold area, Can be installed underfloor heating system. ( That is, they install the heating system under the wooden floor. Then there is the temperature in the area where the planks are mounted. The advantage of doing so is that you do not have to install additional heaters.)

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