Termites eating wood, 8 Ways to identify Termites and How to Prevent Termites?

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Adequately covered, it will withstand many adverse conditions and destroy valuable books, documents, and furniture. If it grows further, there is a possibility of termites invading the ceiling, roof and destroy the item.

  • do termites eat wood : YES
  • can you hear termites eating wood : YES
  • do termites eat dry wood : YES
  • Do termite damage wood floor : YES
  • etc.

Leading questions about termites attack

  • Do termites eat wood?
  • Why do termites eat wood?
  • How to find termites?
  • How to prevent termites from eating wood?
  • etc.

A brief description of Termites

Belong to the genus insects. There are more than 40,000 species of termites in the world. Among them, Subterranean termites, Dry wood termites, Damp wood termites are the main types. They live in termite houses (termite colony, termite nest). This termites nest also has a termite society; 4 groups are living in this society.

King & Queen

Termite workers

Termite soldiers

Alates (flying termites, swarmer termites)

Termite Society, termites eating wood
Termite Society

King & Queen termites

termite king & Queen
King & Queen

Queen is a large animal about an inch long, about ½ an inch long. These king and queen breed their species. It lays thousands of eggs a year.

Termite workers (Worker termites)

termite workers, how to find termites
A Termite worker

These are the most common in the termite state. They do all work except provide security and reproduction for the colony.

Soldier termites (Termite soldiers)

Termite soldier, How to find termites
A soldier termite

Their job is to protect their species.

Defends their allies from enemies such as ants. They do this by injecting a chemical into their body.

Alate (swarmer termites)

A swarm of alates, swarmer termites
A swarm of alates

They have wings. These alates will one day become King and Queen in the future.

How to Find Termites

Let’s consider 8 ways

1. You can tell if there are termites by listening closely to a door or door frame suspected to have termites. That can be identified by the sound of hitting the head of termite soldiers on the wood, and the worker termites eating the wood. (The sound that comes from eating wood is at the frequencies we hear in our ears.)

                                                         It was recently discovered that termites are still fond of rock music. Scientists say that when they hear this rock music, their wood-eating speed doubles.

2. The emergence of Alates from the earth.

                                                      At night, these alates sometimes emerge from the ground and search for light. The fact that they are coming means that there must be a termite house underground.

3. Appearance with holes in wood,

Termite damage in hardwood floors
Termite damage in hardwood floors

                                                  Most of the time, they eat wood from the inside to out. Therefore, sometimes these holes are not visible, but sometimes we can identify them after pressing with the finger.

4. Difficulty opening windows and doors.

                                    This condition is more common on rainy days. But if you have difficulty opening the windows and doors during non-rainy days, your windows may be infested with these termites.

How is that? ,

               When termites eat wood, some moisture builds up in the area. That is why it isn’t easy to open windows and doors.

5. Termites have eaten wood with holes found somewhere in your land; if we see such a thing, we can suspect that there are termites in our land.

termite damage wood, termites eating wood
Termite damaged wood

6. The dark powder has accumulated around the termite infestation site (Termite droppings). These black powders are their feces.

Termite Droppings, Termites eating wood
Termite Droppings

7. If there is a termite nest in the land.

termite hill, termite colony, termite house, termite nest
A termite hills

8. Identification of termites by electronic devices.

                                   What is done here is to identify the termites by their smell and their sounds.

  • In some countries, the identification of these termites is made using dogs.

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