Where to Find Travel Jobs
Where to Find Travel Jobs

Where to Find Travel Jobs 2021

Want travel jobs? You aren’t alone. You’ll discover plenty of places to find a travel blogging job right here. Spiff up that resume and make sure your blog is in good shape so when potential employers look it over you’ll keep their interest.

Then? Apply away. Employers are looking to fill new and recently vacated positions. Use the sites below to find your dream travel job. Think of using keywords other than “writing” or “blogging.” Why not try “social media,” “photography,” or “video?” Consider the type of words that apply to your travel blog and how that translates to a travel job.

Travel jobs are out there. Apply, apply, and apply again. Don’t get discouraged. Competition is fierce. But all it takes is one client who loves your work and who will refer you to others. It’s one way to make money blogging. Enjoy the job sites below.

Travel Blogging Jobs


Angel Co can help you find a travel blog. Though not specifically about travel, it is about finding people to work for start-up companies of all kinds. You never know what you will find.

While there are far more than travel blogging jobs available on this website, it is a great place to look. This site focuses on startups. Create a profile, add in your relevant skills, and upload your stunning resume. The site will offer suggestions on jobs that fit your skills. You can also include a section on services and show that you provide travel blogging, writing, or whatever else you do. It’s an interesting way to reach a different kind of employer. It can also be a timesaver. You can apply to a multitude of jobs with one application. On your profile page, the site will ask if you are interested in getting a job, offering your services, or in meeting people to grab a coffee and network. Choose whichever options apply.


Find Travel Jobs from linkedin

If you aren’t on LinkedIn yet, do yourself a favor and create a free profile. The site will match you up with opportunities that could be a good fit. Go Premium for more options.

More than a social networking website geared toward business contacts, LinkedIn can also help you find a job. If you haven’t already, create a profile that highlights your accomplishments. Ask people you have worked with to provide you with a recommendation. If you have any awards or unique skills, add that as well. Then, head over to the “Jobs” option on the site menu (or at the link above). The site will show you jobs that may match your qualifications based on what you have shared on your LinkedIn profile. As with several other sites, you can view how many people have already applied. If you have LinkedIn premium, you can even see how you compare to the rest of the applicants. Otherwise, you can also use the search bar to hunt other travel blogging jobs that interest you.


If you have the time, patience, and the willpower, you can use Craigslist to find a travel blogging job. The best way to start is by looking at specific cities. It takes time but could pay off.

Okay, so Craigslist is going to be a difficult place to find a travel blogging job–but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Keep tabs on the cities. Just because a location isn’t near you doesn’t mean the employer won’t consider a remote candidate. If you see something, pop into the business in person and ask for an application if possible, see if they have a job posting located somewhere other than Craigslist so you can find a better job description and application method, or make sure you have an email title that gets attention. Some job posters do require a specific subject title so if that’s the case, you’ll have to rely on your cover letter and resume alone.

Word of Mouth

There is no job board for this one. Don’t keep your desire for a travel blogging job a secret. Put it out there. Put a page on your blog about being available for writing assignments. Mention it on social networks. If you attend social media meetups or networking events, work it into the conversation when it makes sense. Word of mouth is a powerful way to gain clients. All it takes is one super satisfied client who will then spread the word about your ability and professionalism. Let it work for you.


Find work at home jobs that aren’t a scam is easier thanks to FlexJobs. You can try finding travel jobs, among others, with a paid account.

How serious are you about looking for a travel writing job? If the answer is “really, really serious,” then FlexJobs could be the “win” you are searching for. All remote jobs, all the time. The only catch is that the job board can only be accessed when you become a member–and it does have a price. Pay up and you can see a plethora of remote blogging jobs (and you know that some of them will include travel blogging). Note that some of the jobs listed on the site have been taken from other sites and placed on the FlexJobs site so it isn’t only jobs directly posted by the employer or company. If you search for a FlexJobs coupon or discount before you commit, you should be able to find some sort of discount to help lower the cost. Employers are able to contact you directly if they come across your completed profile and think you might be a good fit for their job.

Freelance Writing Jobs

The Freelance Writing Job Board offers a slew of writing jobs. Travel jobs could be involved in that too. It’s one more outlet to find the type of job you want using the talents you have.

If a freelance writing gig is what you are after, it might be worth your while to take a look at this job board. The board is frequently updated with writing jobs–including those for bloggers. Sort by contract, freelance, temporary, full-time, part-time, and internship positions so you can find the type of position that fits your lifestyle. You can also see how long ago they were posted so you don’t spend a ton of time on an application for a job submitted six months ago.


Indeed is basically a massive search engine just for jobs. From travel jobs to blogger and photography jobs, there’s a huge mix of potential employment.

In your pre-travel blogging days, you may have used Indeed to find traditional employment. Now you can put the job search service to the test by hunting down freelance travel blog jobs. It will take some time to sort through the different jobs and every job listed isn’t going to be a travel blogging job as promised, but you can at least have the service send you an email with more (hopefully) relevant available jobs. It is possible to find remote work via Indeed too. Keep digging!

Writer’s Weekly

If you want to travel blog, there’s a chance you will find something related on the Writer’s Weekly website.

Since 1997, Writer’s Weekly has had a place on the Internet. Now, you can browse the job boards for travel blogging opportunities. It appears as though new job listings are updated each week on the dot. Click on the section that pertains to you, with freelance writing and photography jobs high on the list, and see what you can find. The links will take you to the job posting so you can apply right then. It’s painless.


ProBlogger offers job boards for job postings–and they may sometimes include travel jobs. The competition is fierce but the payout can be excellent.

Hey, the site is about general blogging so yes, taking a look at the job board postings aren’t a bad idea. The competition is fierce. Employers have to pay to post a job and they willingly do to reach Darren Rowse’s large audience. Many, many people will be applying. While it doesn’t mean you won’t get it, just know going in that you will have to possess a heck of a strong portfolio and an eye-catching cover letter to stand on even ground with long-term travel bloggers who will be applying for the very same thing.


Travel writing jobs can be found on CareerBuilder. You may have to jump through a few hoops to apply, but it is a start.

At CareerBuilder, you can view more details about the travel job and see how many applicants have already applied. You can also view fast facts about the job position, like if it is full or part time, what kind of experience the employer wants, how much travel is involved, info about the degree requested, and how much you will make an hour to name a few. Save a job or share it. To apply, you will need to sign up for a free CareerBuilder account.


While the quality and the amount of travel writing jobs here varies, it is worth a look if you want to make a quick buck.

If you want a travel writing job, take a look at Freelancer.com. While the quality of the posted jobs may vary, it is still worth a look. You can search the site for jobs and contests and include related keywords to better narrow down the search to fit your expertise. There are options for fixed and hourly priced projects so you can choose the type of job that most appeals to you (long-term or short).

Get a Travel Blog Job

What can you do to stand out from the hundreds of other applicants? If you are applying to a travel blogging job, make sure you are including a link to your travel blog within your resume. Employers need to see what you have to offer right from the start or they will move on to the next applicant.

If you have any outstanding stats to share, your travel blog brand can be included on your resume with you as the owner. If you have amassed a large following, have a substantial email list, massive social networks, and/or frequently present to groups, those are all things that you can work to your benefit on your resume.

Your resume is a chance for you to highlight the ways that you excel. Include your awards and achievements even if they don’t directly apply to the position you want. Not everyone wins awards or is recognized for a job well done, so if that has happened to you, show it off. Include that section on your one-page resume.

In your cover letter, and you should always include a cover letter, mention any relevant blogging info of your own. If your potential employer wants a blogger who knows all about what it takes to live abroad or learn a language in a short amount of time or needs content for a website about traveling with kids, and you have had that experience or went through the same thing to acquire a relevant skill, then weave that into your cover letter too.

When you conclude your cover letter, don’t forget to add an invitation to view your LinkedIn profile (and supply the link). If you haven’t maintained your LinkedIn profile, there’s no time like the present. Pretend that your future employer is online savvy. Giving him or her (or them) a completed profile that’s full of your employment history, your recommendations, and your projects is a great way to sell you and what you do.

Hopefully, this list of travel blog job sites will keep you busy for awhile. It will take you time to find a travel blogging job, just like it would take you time to find any other type of job. Be persistent. Don’t give up.

As you grow your audience, new opportunities will naturally come your way. Hone your skills and keep learning new things so you will be ready.

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